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Day 3: Have a Plan B

This morning I skipped bootcamp so I could spend extra time with the kids and get to work early. I felt GREAT about this choice because I had a “Plan B”. It is always a great idea to have a back-up workout plan for those days when you sleep through your alarm, you have an early meeting or no childcare, your car breaks down, or anything else comes up in your day that derails your best intentions. Having a second or third workout option means you can be like bamboo – flexible, but strong!

I had a great morning, got lots of work, then was able to fit an awesome run in before picking up the kids from school. Take a few minutes to write down some “Plan B” activities for yourself so that when “life happens”, as it will, you can go to your arsenal of back-up workouts and know that you don’t have to DO NOTHING just because SOMETHING came up. The most important thing about this trick is that doing something active, no matter what it is, will psychologically help you to feel in control of your life and your fitness routine. You will rarely regret taking time to exercise. Even if it is just taking 20 minutes at the end of the day to do some stretching or yoga poses. This is also great to keep in mind when you are traveling…have a “Plan B” when you are unable to do your usual workout routine. Planning is everything!

Here is a list of things that you can add to your “Plan B” list to keep your fitness ball rolling: Go for a walk or a run, jump rope, watch a streaming workout on Netflix or youtube, do some basic exercises like burpees/sit-ups/push-ups/crunches in front of your TV, put some booty-shaking music on and dance around the house with the kids/spouse/favorite friend/pet/yourself, go for a swim, stretch, skip, play ball, golf, skate, hula hoop, the list is endless!

What is your “Plan B” workout?


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Day 2: Diets Suck! Nutrition Rocks.

I am not a fan of diets. There is a reason DIE is in the word. Just kidding, I’m being dramatic, but my point is this: if you want to have long lasting health and wellness, most of us could use an attitude shift when it comes to food. I know what you are thinking…aren’t we dieting right now on this 28-day plan? Actually, no. At Egan’s Fit Body bootcamp, we have developed a “meal plan” that focuses on WHOLE foods. There is no painful calorie counting, it gets results by encouraging you to eat REAL food, lots of veggies, less sugar, less saturated fats, and less processed foods. You could and should eat this way 90% of the time! And when you’re not giving your life a jump-start with a program like this, I personally believe there is room for a little wine, french fries, dessert – whatever it is that floats your boat!

You are much more likely to maintain a healthy weight, and get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs, when you focus on adding healthy, vibrant, REAL food to your plate, rather than agonizing over what you shouldn’t eat. When we label foods as “bad” and set unrealistic, extreme goals about what we shouldn’t put into our bodies, we set ourselves up for failure. The psychological domino effect this can cause often ends up being more damaging than the “bad” food itself.

Take this example: You tell yourself ice cream is “bad” and you’re never going to eat it. Then you are tempted to have some ice cream at a party. You eat it. You feel guilty. Ice cream is bad. Now you’re bad. Now your “diet” is blown and so you inhale some more ice cream and some cake too because now what does it matter? You’ll start your “diet” over tomorrow or next month or whenever. Mmmmm…ice cream and guilt…yummy.

Now, consider the alternative, more loving approach: You know you love ice cream. It’s awesome. You know there are things with more nutritional value, but you know having a little won’t kill you. You are tempted to have some ice cream at a party. You have some. You eat it slowly, savoring each creamy bite. You enjoy every bit of it, knowing that you’ll burn it off in your workout tomorrow morning. You are inspired to google low-fat ice cream recipes when you get home. You don’t over-think it and you get right back to your super nutritious eating style.

Feel the difference? This may not resonate with everyone, but it is how I like to approach nutrition. No beating yourself up, no all-or-nothing thinking, no extreme calorie restriction…just creating a healthy lifestyle that feels good and works for you. Make it fun! Search the internet for healthy dishes that inspire you, look through cookbooks, go to the farmer’s market, get inspired! Whatever you choose to put in your body, take the time to slow down and get conscious about your eating – where your food came from, how it tastes, to how it makes you feel. Your body has infinite wisdom within, you just have to slow down and quiet yourself long enough to hear it.

Now that being said, there are a few things that I would recommend avoiding because they are scientifically proven to be damaging and possibly carcinogenic to the body, these include: trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, processed meats, and artificial sweeteners…but again, I think if you truly listen to your body, you will find that these foods make you feel crappy anyway and real, whole, nutrition-dense foods make your body sing!

Michael Pollan summed it up best, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

Here was my delicious and nutritious lunch today:

Mixed greens, carrots, broccoli, okinawan sweet potato, spicy pepitas, ground flax, and sesame lemon dressing

I also had to share this adorable photo of one of our rock star bootcampers, Julie, who is doing the 28-Day Challenge with us. Here she is eating her oats before class. Notice the Beneful container! LOL!

New Dog Food Diet! Results Guaranteed!

OK, everyone! We’ll check back in tomorrow. Keep up those workouts and nutritious eating!

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Day 1: Starting off Slow and Spicy

First day of our 28-day Flat Belly Challenge at Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp! I started the day off with a bang – had my Shakeology (I’ll share more about this in a future post) with some cold drip coffee (strong, lower in acid, and easy to mix with shakes/smoothies) and headed out to Egan’s Slow Burn Monday at 5:30am! Egan is such a great trainer – he knows how to push you just the right amount and there is something about his authoritative yet playful manner that makes you want to do whatever he tells you – even if your ass is on fire!

Egan is a champion and he radiates that energy. He knows fitness, he knows goals, and he knows success. I think it is awesome that he is sharing this with all of us (with the help of his wife Marcia and a killer team of amazing people I might add). I could go on and on, I’ve been drinking the (sugar-free) Bootcamp Kool-aid since I started training with Egan last October. His Bootcamp changed my life in so many ways and I am so grateful to be a part of the Bootcamp ‘ohana. The workouts are fun and effective, the trainers are the bomb (if I do say so myself), and the members are the most wonderful people I’ve ever met! OK, enough Kool-aid…for now.

I did a good job planning and packing my meals today…I was particularly happy with the lunch I packed. Here is a photo:

Spicy Thai Tofu Wrap on Sprouted Grain Tortilla

Just took a sprouted grain tortilla and piled on mixed herb salad, packaged baked tofu (thai flavor), pickled cucumbers, a few spicy pepitas (pumpkin seeds), and a sprinkling of ground flax. I also drizzled a tiny bit of lemon juice and sesame dressing. Diluting dressing with lemon helps bump up the flavor while cutting back on calories! Wrapped it all up and boom!

If you’re wondering where the meat is, don’t look too hard, I’m a PROUD VEGETARIAN and sometimes VEGAN. I have many reasons for my choice and much to say about this, so I’ll save it for a future post. But if you’re dying to get a head start on some reading about vegetarianism and why it’s so rad, you can check out this link to tons of articles on the subject by the brilliant and conscious Kathy Freston:

Got my workout planned for tomorrow morning. We’ll be doing Kimi’s Fast Burn – lots of calorie-torching cardio! Gotta get my playlist ready – it is all about the music when you are trying to get motivated to move fast at 5:30am! For those of you following the challenge and these posts, please feel free to send me your questions or topics you’d like me to cover as we embark on this adventure together over the next month!

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Before We Begin…a Love Note…

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow starts our 28-day Challenge and before we begin I want you share with you what I think is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember on our journey and THE KEY to long term health and wellness. This was written by Catherine L. Taylor,  weight loss/life coach and meditation teacher who specializes in emotional eating recovery and permanent weight loss through mind/body transformation. You can read more about her work and find her meditations for weight loss on She writes:

Weight Loss Begins In The Mind

Self love paves the way for permanent weight loss. Before you attempt to lose weight, get your mind in the right frame of mind. Your body will soon follow. Most of us do this backwards. We tell ourselves that we will feel better about ourselves after we lose the weight. It doesn’t work that way.

You can only treat your body as well as you feel inside. Your beliefs and feelings act as a self fulfilling prophecy. The most courageous and powerful decision you can make is to decide to love yourself and be happy right now. All that you are seeking will come from this.

The foundation of all self care is self-love and acceptance. You wouldn’t build a house on quicksand would you? Losing weight with the proper foundation and beliefs will guarantee your success. When you build your body with love the results will last.

Feel the love…lose the weight!

So give yourself a hug, love where you are at right now, and get excited for the adventure ahead! Woot! Woot!



Cheers! Well-deserved glass of wine after birthday madness at Chuck E. Cheese. Remember, NO alcohol during our 28-Day Challenge...and so it begins...

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Whole Foods, a.k.a. My Happy Place

Went to Whole Foods early this morning to get all my groceries for our 28-Day Meal Plan that starts tomorrow. I love Whole Foods…it is like Disney Land for Health Conscious Foodies! Yes, there is a reason my they call it “Whole Paycheck”. Some things can be VERY pricey, especially the salad bar/hot food items…pile something heavy like hummus on your plate and your little trip to the salad bar can set you back $15! But if you shop carefully, mindfully, and with a plan then you can enjoy all the awesomeness of this magical place (or any grocery store for that matter) without breaking the bank or stressing yourself out. It is also important to remember that while it feels like you are shelling out a lot for groceries, you will actually be saving money by eating at home and packing all your lunches and snacks. Take a look at your budget, do the math, the proof is in the (home-made) pudding, as they say.

A Few Grocery Shopping Tips:

  • Go with a plan! BEFORE you even set foot in the store, take a few moments to plan out some meals and make a shopping list. This will help you stay on track and focused. Your trip will be less stressful, more efficient, and you’ll spend less.
  • Shop during off-hours…this means avoiding the after-work witching-hour madness or the mid-day weekend crazies. I like early morning, some people prefer late at night or mid-day on the week-days. Shopping during peak hours is hectic, unpleasant, and stressful – especially if you are bringing the kids along!
  • Don’t shop when you are starving! If you go shopping when you’re hungry, EVERYTHING will look delicious. Not necessarily ideal for your bank account or your waistline. But I personally don’t like to go when I’m too full either. I think shopping when you’re totally full isn’t as productive or fun.
My Groceries

Our cat Ginger inspects my groceries

After I got home, I also spent a few moments prepping some food for the week. Being a mom of two, with a full-time job and a part-time job, being organized and prepared is key to staying sane. Having healthy foods ready to go for me and the kids makes life easier when things get busy during the week.

Food Prep

Steamed broccoli and Okinawan sweet potatoes, hard-boiled cage-free omega eggs

I’m pumped for our program and ready to kick things off tomorrow with Egan’s Slow Burn Monday bootcamp class at 5:30am! Stay tuned for one more post coming later tonight…until then, enjoy this hilarious video about Whole Foods:

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Fitness Apps that Rock!

I am a total geek-chick and can’t even remember life before my iPhone. How did I ever get around without GPS or survive long lines at the bank without Words with Friends?

There are SO MANY cool apps out there that can help you reach your fitness goals. Here are two of my current favorites:

Diet Snaps is a super cool food journal app that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Basically instead of writing down what you eat, you simply take a photo of it. It tracks your photos for the day, so you have a visual reminder of what you ate. You can export your daily or weekly logs to people in an excel format (send it to your trainers at Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp and we can give you nutritional consult). You can also email your meal shots or post them. I think what I love about it is that it resonates with the foodie in me! You take that extra time to make your food look pretty and take a moment before you eat…it slows you down and helps you to be more conscious of what you are eating. If you are food logging and find it hard to write down everything during the day, use this app in conjunction with your food journal as a reminder tool.

My Fitness Pal is the best online/phone app food journal that I have found. The phone app is super easy to use and they have  the most extensive database of foods I have found. This is super important living in Hawaii where we eat such a variety of ethnic foods. They have things like agedashi tofu, sake, and kim chee! They also have a great online community, much like Facebook. Check it out!

And Honorable Mention Goes to… 

Gold’s Gym Spotter is a cool app that Bootcamper Josh told me about. What’s cool about it is that you can “flip book” yourself by taking pictures of your body along your journey…a pretty neat way to see your own transformation. Of course, this works best if you have a spouse or friend who doesn’t mind taking a photo of you every week.

Anyone else have any fitness or health apps they love? Post your comments here! NEXT UP: Grocery Shopping Adventures!


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Are you ready for Egan’s 28-Day Challenge?

Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp 28-Day Flat Belly Challenge begins on Monday. For more info visit If you are not a bootcamp member yet, call Egan’s studio ASAP to sign up! If you are already a member than congratulations – you are automatically enrolled in 28 days that could change your life! We will be bringing you fresh and fabulous workouts and we have a meal plan for you that will have you showing off those Jersey Shore abs in no time!

I created this blog so that you could follow along as I embark on the journey with you. Nothing like a blog to hold you accountable! Even us instructors need to find motivation and inspiration along our fitness journey. So stay tuned and I will share with you some of my favorite tips, tricks, cool stuff, meal ideas, and so forth to get us through the next month!

The Program begins this Monday, August 29th, so use this weekend to get ready! Here is your checklist:

  1. Get a journal to log your meals and your journey
  2. Write down your current weight and measurements in your journal
  3. Read over Egan’s meal plan (or sign up if you haven’t already) and plan out your weekly meals
  4. Go grocery shopping (see meal plan for shopping list)
  5. Get out your calendar and schedule your workouts for the week (or month if you can!)
And Bonus points if you:
  1. Find an accountability partner – someone to either do the program with you or someone who will hold you accountable for staying on track
  2. Spend 10-15 minutes free-writing about your physical health in your journal. Ask yourself what your vision of health is, what your goals are, what your frustrations have been, and how you plan to achieve your goals. Get specific, get clear, have fun with it! You have all the answers within you!
  3. Subscribe to this blog by RSS feed or add it to your favorites for quick reference!
Let’s do this! More posts coming this weekend…NEXT UP: Sassy Apps to help you reach your fitness goals!


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