Day 3: Have a Plan B

This morning I skipped bootcamp so I could spend extra time with the kids and get to work early. I felt GREAT about this choice because I had a “Plan B”. It is always a great idea to have a back-up workout plan for those days when you sleep through your alarm, you have an early meeting or no childcare, your car breaks down, or anything else comes up in your day that derails your best intentions. Having a second or third workout option means you can be like bamboo – flexible, but strong!

I had a great morning, got lots of work, then was able to fit an awesome run in before picking up the kids from school. Take a few minutes to write down some “Plan B” activities for yourself so that when “life happens”, as it will, you can go to your arsenal of back-up workouts and know that you don’t have to DO NOTHING just because SOMETHING came up. The most important thing about this trick is that doing something active, no matter what it is, will psychologically help you to feel in control of your life and your fitness routine. You will rarely regret taking time to exercise. Even if it is just taking 20 minutes at the end of the day to do some stretching or yoga poses. This is also great to keep in mind when you are traveling…have a “Plan B” when you are unable to do your usual workout routine. Planning is everything!

Here is a list of things that you can add to your “Plan B” list to keep your fitness ball rolling: Go for a walk or a run, jump rope, watch a streaming workout on Netflix or youtube, do some basic exercises like burpees/sit-ups/push-ups/crunches in front of your TV, put some booty-shaking music on and dance around the house with the kids/spouse/favorite friend/pet/yourself, go for a swim, stretch, skip, play ball, golf, skate, hula hoop, the list is endless!

What is your “Plan B” workout?


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