Day 8: Labor Day Burn

Hope everyone is enjoying their long Labor Day weekend. Today begins the second week of our Flat Belly Challenge and for many, today will be a day that tests our will power and commitment to this program. With beers and peers tempting us at Labor Day BBQs, the most important thing to do is have a clear vision of what your boundaries are and having a plan for handling other people’s expectations or comments about your choices.

My test of commitment and resolve was last night. I knew when I made the choice to begin this program with everyone last week that one of the hardest parts was going to be setting some boundaries on an annual dinner party that my dad has every year. Every September, he throws an intimate, gourmet dinner party for three of his Virgo foodie friends. And because my dad is so awesome, he spoils his vegetarian daughter by creating a custom veggie version of every dish just for me. My dad, who is a fabulous chef, puts an amazing amount of time and love into creating this menu. Once the six-course menu is complete, his Virgo friend and wine connoisseur Sharon consults renowned local sommelier, Roberto Viernes, to come up with the ultimate wine pairings for each dish. This gastronomic delight is one of the highlights of the year in our home and you can damn well be sure that I wasn’t going to miss out…however, I set some personal limits and goals for the evening before it began:

  1. No alcohol: As much as it KILLED me to miss out on Roberto’s stellar wine pairings, I chose *sniff* to abstain from drinking. Not only does alcohol have a ton of empty calories, it actually increases your appetite and dulls off your satiety sensors, which can lead to eating more than you normally would. Plus, because it lowers your inhibitions and affects your self-control, you are much more likely to get carried away and overindulge (as in “Awww F— it, I’ll get back on the program tomorrow! Pass the bottle!!! Woot woot!”).
  2. Language to Stand My Ground: I knew that not drinking the fine wine selections of the evening was going to be controversial and a total foodie faux pas. However, at the beginning of the evening, I simply and politely stated that I wouldn’t be drinking tonight because I had made a commitment to my Bootcampers. I used humor and lightness to present this information (“More for you guys!”) without making too big of a deal of it and/or making everyone else feel like I was on some healthy high horse.
  3. Work out BEFORE: Because I knew I would be eating a six-course dinner, I went to Sunday Bootcamp with Gil and put in 100%!
  4. Work out AFTER: Because I knew I would be eating a six-course dinner, I committed to teaching Monday Morning Bootcamp to do any damage control!
  5. ENJOY: I made the choice to truly enjoy and savor each bite – consciously and guilt-free! The slower and more consciously you eat, the less you will need to feel satisfied and the more enjoyable the experience – and isn’t that what it is all about?
Tips like these can help you navigate whatever your biggest weight management challenges might be – Thanksgiving, the holidays, etc. I truly believe that there is room for fine dining, indulgence, and foodie FUN if we approach it consciously and have a plan. I believe in creating a balanced and sustainable lifestyle that allows for fun while still keeping our bodies humming at peak performance.
And now, the best part! Here are photos of Chef John’s amazing Eat Local Vegetarian Virgo Dinner. This year the theme was inspired by Kanu Hawaii’s Eat Local Challenge. About 90% of the menu was LOCAL! Amazing, sustainable, conscious and delicious!

First Course: Tofu Three Ways. Tofu Poke with Sea Asparagus, Tofu Luau with Homemade Coconut Milk, and Tofu with Shiso Butter on Ogo

Hearts of Palm Soup in Coconut Water Base Topped with Fried Shallots

Watermelon, Feta, and Tomato Salad. Local Thai Watermelon topped with Nalo micro-greens, heirloom tomatoes, Naked Cow Dairy feta, and basil lime vinaigrette

Pan Fried Tofu with Pepper Butter served with Carrot Puree and Potatoes seasoned with mint, coriander, and Indian spices

Root Vegetables and Hamakua mushrooms braised in local brewed ale served with fresh Ewa corn souffle

Flourless Waialua chocolate cake flavored with Kona coffee and local chili, served with Manoa Mango coulis and locally made vanilla gelato

The Wine I DID NOT drink!!!!!!

OMG. Everything was SO delicious. Not exactly on the Flat Belly Challenge Meal Plan, but pretty healthy actually – lots of fresh, local produce and reasonable portions. MY DAD ROCKS! I don’t regret a single bite!
And as I mentioned, I feel proud that I worked out this morning. I taught a special 1.5 hour Labor Day burn class. We had a great turnout and did 2 rounds of Tabata Stations. I LOVE our Bootcampers. They really have become like family to me! There is so much camaraderie in sweating together early in the morning…there is something so bonding about making the commitment to pushing ourselves like we do. I love it! And today, sweet Bootcamper Michelle made the best healthy birthday cake/post-workout snack for us in honor of Bootcamper Becky. It was a non-fat cheesecake made with greek yogurt, whole wheat gingersnaps, sweetened with stevia and topped with fruit. It was SO delicious and Flat Belly friendly! We’ll get her to share her recipe and hopefully she’ll let me post it here for all of you! Yum!
Have a fantastic Labor Day everyone! Tomorrow I’ll give you guys my “Vibrams” review – I finally caved and and got myself some 5-Toe shoes yesterday and tried them out for the first time today in Bootcamp Class! I’m going to go for a run in a bit to try them out on the road. Check back tomorrow for the report!


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2 responses to “Day 8: Labor Day Burn

  1. Kimi!!! Your workout today was so amazing and we all feel GREAT!!! The photos of your meal are outstanding! WOW to your commitment and your sharing your way with us all. We all love you so much!!!!

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