Life is Crazy Beautiful…

This is what my life has looked like lately! Lunch and snacks at my desk! When life gets CRAZY it takes extra planning and preparation to stick to a healthy diet and a workout schedule. Whenever I find my life getting hectic I have a few tricks to help me feel “in control” and stay on track. Here are some simple things you can do to help you feel in control when life is CRAZY:

  • Get up 20 minutes earlier. Use the time to meditate, get organized, make your lunch, collect your thoughts, breathe, whatever. Just give yourself a little extra time. You can use it to do the next tip.
  • Make your bed. This is my mom’s trick and it is so simple and awesome. The couple of minutes it takes to make your bed can have a HUGE impact on how in control you feel of your day.
  • Take 5 minutes in the morning to free-write about your day ahead and what you want to accomplish.
  • Take 5 minutes to do gratitude journaling…start with “I am so grateful for…” This will help you to create positive energy and appreciation for your life and help keep things in perspective when things feel hectic.
  • Write your workouts in your calendar. Treat them like appointments with yourself. Know that exercising will give you more energy to handle everything going on in your life.
  • Have a good to-do list system. I use a program called OmniFocus and when things get really busy I use it to divide my lists by the days of the week. Rather than looking at my overwhelming list of everything I want to and have to do, I split my list up by the days of the week and just focus on what I need to get done that day. Prioritizing and setting reasonable expectations of what I will get done in a day helps me to feel less overwhelmed. Plus, being able to check off all my items for the day feels so good!
  • Pack lots of snacks and a healthy lunch. When your day is busy, you may tell yourself that picking something up on the road is easier, but it is actually more important than ever to pack healthy options so that when things get super busy at work or in your day, you at least can keep your blood sugar levels balanced and you won’t end up eating something from a vending machine or fast food out of desperation.
  • Bring a big bottle of water with you where ever you go. When we get busy, we forget to drink water which makes us tired, less efficient, and blah. Don’t let yourself get dehydrated! If you are thirsty – you are already dehydrated!
  • Find some time in your day to totally unplug and just “be”. Martha Beck wrote a great book called, “The Joy Diet” and the first thing she talks about people needing is, ironically, “nothing”. What most of us are hungry for, especially in this loud crazy busy world we live in is quiet, solitude, peace…NOTHING. So find 10 minutes to just sit alone in quiet. You’ll be amazed how this can recharge and center you.
What are your tricks for handling life’s crazier times? How do you make it Crazy Beautiful instead of just CRAZY?!!!!!!! Feel free to comment on this post and share YOUR TIPS with us!
P.S. If you’re wondering about that Think Thin bar, I found this flavor at Vim N’ Vigor in Ala Moana. It was pretty good! Really different from the other Think Thin bars – much more “granola bar-ish”


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2 responses to “Life is Crazy Beautiful…

  1. Let me add that from a feng shui perspective, making your bed is a HUGE step towards daily empowerment. Why? The bedroom is where you rest, sleep and rejuvenate. If you get up and leave your bed unkempt, you keep that energy with you through the whole day. When you arrive back at your bed at night, a messy unmade bed then reminds you of all that was messy and not completed during the day….and so the cycle continues.

    By making your bed, you start the day with a fresh intention and you end the day with reminders of what IS in alignment with your day!

    • Willow

      Kimi, I love this tip and Alice’s special feng shui perspective! The bed is a huge dominating element of the bedroom, and when you take that 2 minutes to make the bed, it means you conquer a massive portion of visual clutter and create a little island of serenity and accomplishment.

      Love your blog!

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