Tick Tock, Party People!

Here we are heading into our last week of Flat Belly Challenge. How are we feeling? Remember, it is not about how PERFECT you followed this program or any other – it is about getting in the habit of feeling good and making great choices for ourselves every day! Which tricks, tips, healthy eating or fitness habits are you going to keep? What feels so good that it will become a lifestyle? In my opinion, that’s the goal of any program like this. It is not about restricting yourself for 28 days so that you can go back to unhealthy choices once is it OVER. It is about resetting your body/mind and shifting your perspective so that you can see that YOU can control your choices and therefore YOUR EXPERIENCE each and every day. That is EMPOWERING.

If you are breathing, you are ALIVE and that means you have TIME ON THE CLOCK to take control of your life and create the experience you want to have on this planet. I want to share an amazing video with you on this very subject. I saw it on one of my absolute FAVORITE websites, FinerMinds.com, which is a one-stop shop for all things inspiring and awesome. Below is their intro to this video. Do yourself a favor and set aside an hour to watch this. It will be time well spent, I promise. What’s your bucket list? Share with us in the comments below and then get to it! Tick tock!

Okay before you watch this video, stretch your arms and grab a Kleenex.

Now, let Sean Stephenson take you through his powerful talk at Awesomeness Fest 2010 that will make your toes tingle and and inspire you to to crank life up a notch by living it to the MAX. Warning: we’ve got possible tears, a little bit of laughter and definitely dancing coming!

Seriously, this Three Foot Giant will knock your socks off. His life-changing story will make you realize that no obstacle should stop you, or anyone else, from living life to the fullest. Sean teaches us that life is not worth whining about and instead of fretting about problems we’re actually much better off doing a boogie instead.

If you’ve not met this remarkable man, you’ll learn quickly that his heart is made of pure gold. Despite surviving over 200 fractured bones by the age of 18, Sean rocks his life to epic proportions and is working his way through an awesome bucket list (he’s already ticked off scuba diving and meeting the Dalai Lama).

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