Fitness is a Journey…with Quiche.

We made it through Egan’s 28 Day Flat Belly program – how did you do? I’ve heard amazing stories of inches and pounds lost, energy gained, and new healthy habits being formed. Recently, I was talking with Bootcamper Josh (who has lost 24 pounds as of today!) about motivation. He bravely confided in me a couple weeks ago that his motivation had begun to slide and that while he had started out “gung ho”, he was now really only putting in about 50% effort. Of course, this is “asking for it” in the Bootcamp world. Telling your Bootcamp trainer to her face that you are slacking is a sure fire way to get a lot of yelling and extra burpees. But actually, Josh discovered that just by coming clean about his plateau in motivation, he was inspired to kick it up a notch. Once he put it out there and was accountable for his slacking, he found new motivation to get him going again.

Oprah once said, “The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.” This certainly applies to your fitness journey. There is no big secret that will unlock your motivation forever. Even professional athletes lose motivation and inspiration along the way. But what separates the success stories from the failed attempts is the willingness to continue to find new inspiration and motivation along the way.

Fitness is a journey, not a destination. You will find things that work for you and things that don’t. You will hit plateaus. You will get bored. You will slip up. You will get busy. Your life and schedule might change. The most important thing to do is to listen to what your mind and body are asking for and then use this inner wisdom to find new motivation and solutions to your hurdles. Josh’s mind was telling him that he needed more accountability, so he acted on that by speaking up about his lack of motivation. This type of awareness paired with action is the true path to success.

The myth is that you set a fitness goal, you reach it and then you are happy and fit with the perfect body forever. That is not reality. The hard truth is, fitness success means setting goals and finding new motivation over and over again for the rest of your life. Fitness success is making a habit of continuing on the journey instead of throwing in the towel when things become challenging, uninspiring, or frustrating. Fitness success is training yourself to find the fun in refocusing, re-energizing, and setting new goals. The beauty of this perspective is that it allows you to enjoy life TODAY, wherever you are in your fitness journey, instead of waiting for chasing a perfect future that doesn’t exist.

So now that our Flat Belly Challenge is over, what are your new goals? What are the fun things you are going to try this month? Will you add another day of Bootcamp or try a new nutrition program? Will you try mediation? How about yoga? Will you add in a weekly run or swim? Share your goals for October with us!

My goals for this month…I plan to add in a weekly jog in my sassy Vibrams and also plan to try some new vegan recipes. Here is my first new dish. Vegan Quiche. I made it with a spelt pie crust from Down to Earth. It is filled with sauteed shallots, zucchini, spinach, garlic, extra firm tofu, almond milk, nutritional yeast, Bragg’s aminos, curry powder, and pine nuts. I topped it with sun-dried tomatoes and more pine nuts. Healthy dinner with leftovers for my lunch! Bon appetit and see you at Bootcamp!


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