Happy December, Bootcampers! What are your Goals?!

And…we’re back!

Happy Holidays Bootcampers! Bootcamper Brian, of the amazing blog www.beautifullysimple.net, has inspired me to resurrect my Camp Kimi blog to inspire y’all to stay fit, healthy, happy  throughout the holiday season! Notice I’ve even upgraded to a REAL domain name, http://www.campkimi.com, not just a wordpress-hosted blog. We’re moving on up, baby! I’ve heard from a bunch of you Bootcampers (thank you, blog fans!) that you’d like to read about tips on nutrition, recipes, inspiring book recommendations, and how to stay fit through the holidays! That I can do!!! If there are other questions you have or things you’d like me to write about, please post them in the comment section!

OK, so, here we are. It is December 1st. Time to set some goals! I love the first day of the month. Pretty much every month I create a new set of goals. I like to write them down so I can look back on them throughout the month. I also like to share them so that I can be held accountable. The first of every month is like a fresh start! In fact, every MOMENT can be a new start! All it takes is slowing down for a few minutes to think about what you want and how you are going to achieve it.

So do it! Right now! Take out a piece of paper, your journal, or your computer and write down the goals you want to accomplish this month. They can be big, they can be small. But remember the goal setting rule – make them S.M.A.R.T. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

Here are my goals for December:

  1. Resurrect my blog! My Sister From Another Mister (SFAM) Alice Inoue tells us that “Mercury Retrograde” is a great time to do all those “re” activities – reflect, recharge, recommit, etc. so I’m “re”-surrecting my blog since we are in MR until December 13th. Want to find out more about MR – check out Alice’s awesome Mercury Retrograde Article and while you are at, check out her inspiring blog. I just LOVE my SFAM to pieces!!! XOXO
  2. Workout Six Days a Week! My dear friend Fortuna is my accountability partner for this one! Yay Fortuna!!! She is my hero! If you haven’t read it yet, check out the post I wrote about this talented Bootcamper. Rumor has it we’re rewarding ourselves with an adventure to a Korean Spa if we hit our goal…
  3. Vegan Month #2. My goal last month was to switch from vegetarian to vegan. I feel so happy and wonderful that I’m committing to continuing for at least another month. I love eating vegan. I love that I am being kind to my body, animals, and the planet. It feels good to me. I had this realization recently that there are times that I eat animal products just to make it easier for other people. Sometimes that’s what feels right to me, but lately I have really been enjoying eating the way I WANT TO, even if it means being a pain in the ass.I know this isn’t for everyone, but for those of you interested, I’ll be sharing some vegan recipes here. For those of you wondering about veganism or thinking that I must not be getting enough protein to survive, check out these resources about thriving without animal products in your diet.

    Remember it is all about listening to your own body and inner wisdom to figure out what foods make your body sing (Hint: It’s probably NOT a bacon double cheeseburger with Red Bull and vodka). HIGH VIBRATION FOODS mean HIGH VIBRATION BODY!

So get those goals written down, Party People, and let’s make this the holiday season the best one yet! See you at Egan Inoue’s Fit Body Bootcamp!

P.S. – Here’s the vegan home lunch that I’ve packed for work today:

Leftover homemade spanish rice, organic kidney beans, roasted veggies, vegan veggie burger, vegan sour cream, topped with fresh tomatoes and cilantro! Yum!




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2 responses to “Happy December, Bootcampers! What are your Goals?!

  1. I am SOOO happy to see your blog resurrected!!! YAY!!! PERFECT for Mercury Retrograde. I LOVE your classes and look forward to connecting with you and your love, enthusiasm and wisdom every morning I go to Bootcamp. Congratulations on your new domain name! Hooray!!! Love you!

  2. Kimi, yay! I’m so glad the blog is back. Thanks for the awesome shout out and for links to Alice’s article and blog, adding to my reading list.

    I’ve been a pescatarian for about 4 years now and want to switch to vegan. I’m a Down to Earth junkie but need to learn to cook these things myself. I can’t wait to hear some vegan recipes of your’s, hopefully they’re not too hard for those of us that aren’t great cooks (yet!).

    Also looking forward to learning more about nutrition as well as your great book recommendations. Thanks again for all that you do!

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