Eating Vegan On-the-Go in Honolulu

Lemongrass Tofu Stir-fry From Loving Hut Pensacola

Not everyone has the time or desire to eat at home or pack food wherever they go. When I’m too busy to pack food or plan ahead, here are my go-to places for healthy, vegan options on-the-go! These are the places that I know I can get a healthy vegan meal fast and easy!

  1. Loving Hut, King Street
    All vegan. Super nice staff. Love the Pho, Rainbow Vietnamese Sandwich. And try their “Tasty Glory”, you have to ask for it since it is not on the menu! And if they happen to have vegan cupcakes on the counter – YOU HAVE TO GET ONE – they are INSANE!!!
  2. Loving Hut, Pensacola
    Also all vegan. Different owners, different menu. Also super nice staff. Love their Kind Katsu. FYI, their fried items can be a little soggy/oily.
  3. Down to Earth, South King
    Good menu items, full grocery store, lots to choose from. After an incident where I watched a dude wipe off the avocado serving spoon with his finger, I only get salad bar/hot bar items when they first come out in the morning…I get a little grossed out thinking about all those hands getting near the food all day long…but that’s just me.
  4. Wholefoods, Kahala Mall
    Great sandwiches, full grocery store. Their salad bar/hot bar are also amazing…if I’m there early enough to be the first to touch it (see #4 for more explanation).
  5. Govindajis, Fort Street
    Great place to eat downtown. Happiest staff on the planet. Food is always prepared with thought and love.
And if you have more time to look for parking and sit down for a nice meal
  1. Downbeat Diner, Hotel Street
    Love this place. Fun, hipster vibe, diner food. They have vegan alternatives for all their menu items. Even a vegan loco moco! Plus at night they have cocktails. Service can take a while, so plan accordingly.
  2. Simply Joy, South King
    Delicious vegan menu. Nice atmosphere.
  3. YuZu, Ala Moana Hotel,
    Cool ambiance. Healthy macrobiotic japanese food. Amazing veggie sushi platter – you have to check it out!

What are your favorite go-to healthy restaurants/food stops? Have I missed any awesome vegan-friendly places? Share in the comments! 


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  1. Hi Kimi, thanks for sharing! Now I’ve got a list of good places to check out. Glad they’re all around town =)

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