Inspiration Friday: Finer Minds

Happy Inspiration Friday, Friends!

Today’s inspiration is my favorite website –, the brain child of one of my favorite inspirational visionaries, Vishen Lakhiani. The site’s tagline is: “Your source for mind-blowing awesomeness.” Love that! This is my go-to place to raise my vibration anytime I need a pick me up. When it comes to the internet, it is so easy to sucked in to Facebook, YouTube, news sites, and other things online that just bring our vibration down and leave us feeling down, depleted, and downright depressed. I personally try to filter my online media by using Google Reader to subscribe to blogs that are fun, interesting, and inspiring and do my best to keep away from the rest. If it doesn’t make me feel good, I don’t want it.

In this digital age of media overload, I believe that it is more important than ever to choose what we want to allow into our consciousness. We can CHOOSE to set boundaries and limitations on the media in our life and allow only the highest vibration stuff in OR we can become victims, allowing the loudest, most agressive, lowest vibration stuff into our world. Just know that it is CHOICE you can make. There is no reason to fear media, so long as you empower yourself to filter, control, limit, and BE IN CHARGE of what you allow into your home and your consciousness.

So if you’re looking for a feel good site with some really inspirational content, spend some time on…you’ll love it! Here are some links to get you started:

Question of the Day: What are your favorite inspirational websites?


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One response to “Inspiration Friday: Finer Minds

  1. I write about about the ideas you mention in this post. Not getting sucked into checking Google News every minute, watching YouTube, or the endless time-suck of Facebook, Twitter, etc. Nothing wrong with social networks but they can easily take over your life so I’ve dumped all but one and keep it mostly for business reasons.

    You’re spot on with controlling your consumption. I only allow myself to subscribe to 10 blogs total. At one point I used Google Reader and had over 1000 feeds. It was insanity =)

    Now I have 10 and don’t use RSS. I check them manually when I have a moment, otherwise they’re unobtrusive. I don’t subscribe via email newsletters because I aim to have no more than 10 emails for me in my inbox in the morning when I wake up. It’s been tough but I’ve managed to do it for almost a year now.

    Of course this blog is one of the 10 I read and I’m adding FinerMinds for now too. Thanks for sharing!!

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