10 Boomtastic Things to Do This Weekend

Happy Friday! Our job this weekend is to get ourselves prepped and ready for the New Year and our Boomtastic 2013 Challenge. Enjoy this long holiday weekend and use it to create a supportive environment that will help support you on your journey.

Your Boomtastic Weekend To Do List:

  1. Weigh yourself and take your measurements if you haven’t done so yet
  2. Take your before photo
  3. Be sure you are signed up for Fitness Pal or have another way of logging your meals/exercise
  4. Clean your house! Sweep out the old to make way for new awesomeness! I’m dumping my Christmas tree this weekend for sure!
  5. While you’re at it – CLEAN OUT YOUR FRIDGE AND CUPBOARDS!!! This is very important! Take a moment to appreciate all the cookies, chex mix, and other homemade goodies you were given and then throw them out, give them away, take them to the office, just get rid of it! Dump the eggnog! Ditch the fatty leftovers! Start fresh and get the temptation OUT OF THE HOUSE. This will feel SO GOOD and will set you up for success.
  6. As you’re cleaning out your kitchen, get rid of anything that has trans fats or high fructose corn syrup! Take it a step further by getting rid of anything with the additives on this list
  7. Stock up your kitchen with delicious inspiring UNPROCESSED goodness! Take a moment to read about REAL FOOD on this awesome site and then create a nutritious shopping list for yourself or use one of these as a guide:
    Clean Eating Shopping List for Beginners
    Clean Eating Magazine Shopping Lists
    www.SuperHealthyKids.com Family Shopping List
  8. Be sure you have an accountability partner or team and if you haven’t done so yet, join us at Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp and/or share the Bootcamp Love with your friends and loved ones! Letting people know that you are on a health and fitness mission will help you stay on track and help others know how to best support you!
  9. Did you do your fit test already? As many reps as you can do in 3 minutes for each exercise. Here are my starting numbers:
  10. Workout and eat or prepare a super healthy meal! Why? Because we want to avoid the pre-New Year’s phenomenon of destructive binging and all-or-nothing craziness…there is NOTHING magic about New Year’s. You don’t have to wait until Tuesday to start. Don’t make your road ahead more challenging by doing unnecessary damage today. This challenge is not a death sentence, so don’t drink alcohol, eat sugar, eat fat, or lay around as if you will never get to do these things again. Think of what’s ahead as exciting and awesome rather than as a restrictive regimen and you won’t feel like you have to get crazy this weekend having all your fun while you can. My goal is to make this challenge fun and rewarding for us ’cause otherwise, what’s the point? 🙂

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