Congratulations, Awesome Ones!

Happy Sunday, Team!!! WE DID IT! We made it through our challenge and achieved INCREDIBLE things! So now that we have finished our 6-week New Year’s Revolution Challenge…Now what? Well, let’s take a minute to talk about that. With all that hard work under our belt and all the progress we’ve made, are we gonna sit on the couch eating Hot Cheetos, giving ourselves a “break” until the next challenge?

I hope you said, HELL NO!!! Because this awesomeness is a LIFESTYLE, baby!!! So whether you reached your goals or not, beat your numbers or not, made it thru the six weeks or not – the most is important thing is that WE KEEP GOING.

That being said, there are a few ways you can celebrate your win and shift your energy to be easier on yourself before our next official challenge so that you avoid BURN OUT. Learning to celebrate our accomplishments in a healthy way and taking the time to catch our breath, assimilate, and re-set before our next leap forward are key foundations of an AWESOME LIFE.

  • Take the time to recognize how far you’ve come. Look at your before photos. Make a before and after image that you can post and/or frame to celebrate your accomplishments this far (regardless if you feel you have further to go). Celebrate the NOW and think about the ways you are different today than you were 6 weeks ago/6 months ago/6 years ago. GIVE YOURSELF A BIG HUG and TAKE PRIDE IN HOW FAR YOU’VE COME!!!
  • Take a break from Fitness Pal or your food diary and practice the healthy eating skills you have gained. Use this time to build or re-build trust in yourself to eat intuitively and make awesome food choices on your own. This is a time to let go of the OBSESSIVENESS we can get hooked into and trust that we can take the training wheels off and NOT FALL.
  • Instead of setting new goals this week, spend some time writing down some PERSONAL STANDARDS for yourself. How many times a week do you want to be working out? How do you want to feel about your body? What do you want your food intake to look like? How much sleep do you want to get each night? What kind of life do you want to be living? Have fun with this and just enjoy the process of envisioning your dream life. When you are ready, say next week, THEN you can add some ACTION STEPS and CONCRETE GOALS to help you reach those standards.
  • Schedule in your workouts for the week. Keep the momentum going.
  • Make a date with your accountability buddies to talk about what’s next for you and share your PERSONAL STANDARDS and future GOALS with each other. Celebrate and chat over a healthy lunch or on a hike or long walk.

In your personal journey, you may find that you there are times that you surge forward, then need to regroup and sometimes even retract before surging forward again. When we mistake these moments of retraction for SLIPPING BACK, FAILURE, or NOT MOVING FORWARD, we can fall victim to unnecessary Post-Challenge blues and/or binges. Mastering the ebb and flow of reaching new levels of awesomeness is a beautiful thing to work on. So be easy on yourself, know that your achievements are yours to keep, and get excited for what’s ahead, because YOU are in control of your future awesomeness and it starts with today. 



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2 responses to “Congratulations, Awesome Ones!

  1. OMG Kimi. Those are great words. To you, Kimi and Team Awesome, thank you so much for getting me though the Challenge. Your energy, constant optimism, smiling faces (Really) and my fitness buddy, Kat, made completing the challenge a fantastic journey! Mahalo again. Char

    • Unicorn Queen

      Awwww YOU ARE AWESOME, Char!!! You and Kat worked so hard this challenge! So inspiring! We are so grateful to have you both in our Bootcamp Ohana! XOXO

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