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Congratulations, Awesome Ones!

Happy Sunday, Team!!! WE DID IT! We made it through our challenge and achieved INCREDIBLE things! So now that we have finished our 6-week New Year’s Revolution Challenge…Now what? Well, let’s take a minute to talk about that. With all that hard work under our belt and all the progress we’ve made, are we gonna sit on the couch eating Hot Cheetos, giving ourselves a “break” until the next challenge?

I hope you said, HELL NO!!! Because this awesomeness is a LIFESTYLE, baby!!! So whether you reached your goals or not, beat your numbers or not, made it thru the six weeks or not – the most is important thing is that WE KEEP GOING.

That being said, there are a few ways you can celebrate your win and shift your energy to be easier on yourself before our next official challenge so that you avoid BURN OUT. Learning to celebrate our accomplishments in a healthy way and taking the time to catch our breath, assimilate, and re-set before our next leap forward are key foundations of an AWESOME LIFE.

  • Take the time to recognize how far you’ve come. Look at your before photos. Make a before and after image that you can post and/or frame to celebrate your accomplishments this far (regardless if you feel you have further to go). Celebrate the NOW and think about the ways you are different today than you were 6 weeks ago/6 months ago/6 years ago. GIVE YOURSELF A BIG HUG and TAKE PRIDE IN HOW FAR YOU’VE COME!!!
  • Take a break from Fitness Pal or your food diary and practice the healthy eating skills you have gained. Use this time to build or re-build trust in yourself to eat intuitively and make awesome food choices on your own. This is a time to let go of the OBSESSIVENESS we can get hooked into and trust that we can take the training wheels off and NOT FALL.
  • Instead of setting new goals this week, spend some time writing down some PERSONAL STANDARDS for yourself. How many times a week do you want to be working out? How do you want to feel about your body? What do you want your food intake to look like? How much sleep do you want to get each night? What kind of life do you want to be living? Have fun with this and just enjoy the process of envisioning your dream life. When you are ready, say next week, THEN you can add some ACTION STEPS and CONCRETE GOALS to help you reach those standards.
  • Schedule in your workouts for the week. Keep the momentum going.
  • Make a date with your accountability buddies to talk about what’s next for you and share your PERSONAL STANDARDS and future GOALS with each other. Celebrate and chat over a healthy lunch or on a hike or long walk.

In your personal journey, you may find that you there are times that you surge forward, then need to regroup and sometimes even retract before surging forward again. When we mistake these moments of retraction for SLIPPING BACK, FAILURE, or NOT MOVING FORWARD, we can fall victim to unnecessary Post-Challenge blues and/or binges. Mastering the ebb and flow of reaching new levels of awesomeness is a beautiful thing to work on. So be easy on yourself, know that your achievements are yours to keep, and get excited for what’s ahead, because YOU are in control of your future awesomeness and it starts with today. 



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Week 5 of Our Challenge: And…ACTION!

IMG_6081_zps743aa6be (1)

4 Weeks down and just 2 more to go of Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp New Year’s Revolution Challenge.  My AWESOME team members have been so focused and committed through this challenge. As I said in my last post, it is so exciting to see people gaining confidence in their ability to change their body and their life. BELIEVING that you have the power to control your life is the first step in reaching your health and fitness goals, or any goals for that matter!

But BELIEVING will only get you so far. While this is crucial to the foundation of your success, it is only one piece of the puzzle. You must add ACTION to make your beliefs come alive! Let’s put it this way, is the person who is reaching their health and fitness goals the one on the couch making the fanciest vision board full of chiseled ab photos and power statements, watching “The Secret” and thinking about how they BELIEVE that this is the year for them? Nope. It is the person who…

  • Calls a friend to schedule a workout date
  • Takes out their calendar and schedules 3 workouts for the week
  • Throws out all the junk food in the house
  • Finally does that fitness DVD that’s been on the shelf
  • Goes to the gym
  • Puts on their shoes and goes for a walk/run
  • Google-researches their health and fitness questions
  • Plans their healthy meals for the week
  • Schedules an appointment with a personal trainer
  • Schedules a nutrition consultation
  • Logs and shares their food journal (heyyy Fitness Pal)
  • Reaches out for support from trainers, friends, family
  • Calls to find out more about Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp (shameless plug)

Get the point? Nothing wrong with vision boards (believe I’ve made enough of them to build a small poster board house) but wanting, visioning, and believing will only position you in the right direction for success. ASKING, DOING, and SWEATING is what will get you there AND KEEP YOU GOING when you hit inevitable bumps along the way. So this week, commit to adding some jet fuel (ACTION) to your coffee (YOUR GOALS). Here’s a simple sample –


Beat my fit test numbers from last week


  1. Message my Accountability Partner and let them know my goal
  2. Google-research tips for doing burpees and push-ups
  3. Foam roll, hydrate, eat clean, and go to bed early this week, especially the day before my fit test
  4. Ask someone who has higher numbers than me what their tricks are for fit test

You can use this method of adding ACTION STEPS to your goals in all areas of your life! Create a new ritual…sit down on Sundays and write out all the things you want in life, then add 3 ACTION STEPS that you can take during the week to get you closer to each one! Then DO THEM!!! Revisit the list every week and be amazed by the way the Universe supports those of us that TAKE ACTION to create the life we want! Boom!

Wishing you an inspired, empowered week full of ACTION! Go get ‘um, Team!

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New Year’s Revolution!


Congratulations on saying YES to taking your awesomeness to the next level!

This was the first week of our Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp New Year’s Revolution Challenge. And in a beautiful surge of awesomeness, our Team Awesome Boomtastic 2013 Challenge and Egan’s New Year’s Revolution Challenge have merged into one glorious clean-eating, strength-building, team-bonding, amazeballs challenge.

In the past week, Team Awesome has grown to over 75 people! Not just people, may I add, but the most amazing, supportive, inspiring, funny, fun, focused, kickass bunch of crazies I’ve ever met! In fact, not a day goes by that I don’t marvel at the incredible people that I have met through Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp. There is something magic about Egan’s…something indescribable…something that brings the most amazing and inspiring people through those doors. No question about it – our Bootcamp ohana is super special!!!!!

As we head into our second week of our official New Year’s Revolution Challenge, my challenge to you is to take a good hard look at the STORIES you have been telling yourself up to this point. One of the biggest obstacles in reaching our goals can be the stories that we cling to about why we aren’t living the life of our dreams yet. Unconsciously or out of habit, we tell ourselves and the people around us all kinds of stories about who we are…do any of these sound familiar?

I just can’t lose this baby weight. 
It’s been really hard to lose weight since menopause.
No matter what I do, I can’t lose weight.
I have bad knees.
I hate working out. 
I’m lazy.
I’m broke.
I’m super busy. 
It’s really hard, because I have _______ (insert any illness). 
I’m not young anymore. 
My metabolism just isn’t what it used to be.
I lose weight, but then I always gain it back.
I’m not a morning person.
I just don’t like the taste of healthy food.
I don’t have that much support. 

And so on. We tell ourselves stories all the time and perhaps we aren’t even aware of the stories we are telling. Once we do become aware, our first instinct might be to judge ourselves for saying things that might be holding us back. Consider that there is nothing wrong with the things we’ve been saying, these stories have been serving us thus far. But today, we can ask ourselves if the stories we are telling are serving us NOW and  if they are helping us become who we want to be.

How radical and awesome would it be to replace all those old stories that aren’t serving you with new inspiring stories that lift you up and energize you! I can hear some of you saying, “but my stories are TRUE!” OK, but do those stories make you feel in control of your life and your future? Take your power back by trying on some new stories and seeing how they feel…

What story FEELS better to you:

“I have a hard time losing weight.” OR “I’m making my health a priority!”

“I don’t have time to exercise.” OR “I make time to exercise!”

“I hate working out.” OR “I’m learning to love burpees!”

“Change is hard for me.” OR “I love change!”

Can you feel the difference in your energy as you choose to tell stories that support your health and fitness goals? I know it can be uncomfortable to let go of the stuff we’ve said and believed for so long. Be easy on yourself through this process. Just observe, with gentleness, what stories you are telling yourself and others. Ask your accountability partner or friends/family to help you. Ask them to lovingly point out to you when you are telling a story that may not serve your highest good. Lean into changing your stories gently, one at a time, and have fun with it!

This week, When you hear yourself tell a story…try some delicious OATS

  1. Observe – “Hmmmm, that’s interesting.”
  2. Ask – “Is that true? Does it have to be? Do I want it to be?”
  3. Think – Is this story serving your goals and your highest good? What do you wish your story was?
  4. Substitute – Take your power back by picking an awesome new story to tell yourself (even if you don’t believe it yet – fake it ’til you make it! Try it on for fun!)

Keep up the great work, everyone!!! From here on out, I’m counting down the weeks of the New Year’s Revolution Challenge because it is easier and less confusing for all of our Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp members, so WEEK 2, here we come!!!!!!! Ba-boom!

Drop me a line in the comments to let me know how you’re doing and what you think about the stories we tell ourselves and le me know what you think of those OATS! 🙂 XOXO

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But what are the RULES?

Guess what…I have been purposely VAGUE on what the “rules” are for our Team Awesome Boomtastic Challenge because I truly believe that YOU KNOW what you need to do to be healthy. If you sit quietly enough and REALLY listen, your body will tell you exactly what you need to do to make this the healthiest, happiest year yet. And when you listen to yourself and follow your own intuition about what is true for you and what YOU need, the results will be so much more meaningful and lasting.

I know it would be so much easier if someone would just tell you what to do, what to eat, how to magically cure all your aches and pains, and how to heal all of your emotional issues, but when we rely on others to design our lives, we lose touch with who we are and what it is WE NEED to be our best selves. We go on auto-pilot and tune out the only person in the world who is completely 100% invested in your health and happiness – YOU!!!

I am here to guide you, support you, inspire you, and give you recommendations based on what has worked for me. Some of it will resonate, some won’t, and that’s OK! Take what you want and leave the rest. As a team we are here to support each other in becoming more and more awesome everyday. Share with each other, pump each other up – it’s amazing how the more we help others, the more we grow, expand, and evolve too.

Yesterday I took some time to listen to my body and this is what it told me it needed:

  • Sleep (I listened and went to bed at 5pm and woke up at 5am! OMG!)
  • A break from booze (I plan to go dry for at least a month – although I’m allowing myself a couple drinks when my Unicorn Sister May comes to town to visit in a couple weeks! Yay!)
  • Some alone time to get organized (yesterday and today I caught up on housework, work, email, and other stuff I’ve put off during the holidays)
  • Water water water! (drinking some as I write this)
  • More organic, raw, vegan, unprocessed deliciousness in my diet and less dairy and processed sugar/white flour/white rice/white pasta, etc. (made some yummy mostly raw mushroom kim chi sprouted tofu nori rolls for lunch today – see photo)


Each week, I plan to take some time to get quiet and check in with my body to see what it needs and wants and I encourage you to do the same. Simply lock yourself in a room somewhere, turn off all media, disconnect from the outer and connect with the inner…write down any inspirations or messages you receive and then ACT ON THEM.

Remember – change only happens when YOU REALLY WANT IT. And if you really want something, you will find a way to achieve it and you will magically manifest the support you need (that’s where me and your teammates come in!). My wish for you is that this is the year that you discover what you truly want and you take full ownership for how you are going to create the body and life you desire. I believe in you, but to be Boomtastic YOU gotta believe in you!

So…what is your body telling you, oh Awesome One?


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Happy New Year!!! Boom!

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” – Edith Lovejoy Pierce


Rehydrate,  eat nutritious healing foods, stretch, move, catch up on sleep, be easy on yourself. Take a moment today to listen to what your body wants and what you want to achieve during the next six weeks and beyond. You are limitless.

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January 1, 2013 · 4:55 pm

10 Boomtastic Things to Do This Weekend

Happy Friday! Our job this weekend is to get ourselves prepped and ready for the New Year and our Boomtastic 2013 Challenge. Enjoy this long holiday weekend and use it to create a supportive environment that will help support you on your journey.

Your Boomtastic Weekend To Do List:

  1. Weigh yourself and take your measurements if you haven’t done so yet
  2. Take your before photo
  3. Be sure you are signed up for Fitness Pal or have another way of logging your meals/exercise
  4. Clean your house! Sweep out the old to make way for new awesomeness! I’m dumping my Christmas tree this weekend for sure!
  5. While you’re at it – CLEAN OUT YOUR FRIDGE AND CUPBOARDS!!! This is very important! Take a moment to appreciate all the cookies, chex mix, and other homemade goodies you were given and then throw them out, give them away, take them to the office, just get rid of it! Dump the eggnog! Ditch the fatty leftovers! Start fresh and get the temptation OUT OF THE HOUSE. This will feel SO GOOD and will set you up for success.
  6. As you’re cleaning out your kitchen, get rid of anything that has trans fats or high fructose corn syrup! Take it a step further by getting rid of anything with the additives on this list
  7. Stock up your kitchen with delicious inspiring UNPROCESSED goodness! Take a moment to read about REAL FOOD on this awesome site and then create a nutritious shopping list for yourself or use one of these as a guide:
    Clean Eating Shopping List for Beginners
    Clean Eating Magazine Shopping Lists Family Shopping List
  8. Be sure you have an accountability partner or team and if you haven’t done so yet, join us at Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp and/or share the Bootcamp Love with your friends and loved ones! Letting people know that you are on a health and fitness mission will help you stay on track and help others know how to best support you!
  9. Did you do your fit test already? As many reps as you can do in 3 minutes for each exercise. Here are my starting numbers:
  10. Workout and eat or prepare a super healthy meal! Why? Because we want to avoid the pre-New Year’s phenomenon of destructive binging and all-or-nothing craziness…there is NOTHING magic about New Year’s. You don’t have to wait until Tuesday to start. Don’t make your road ahead more challenging by doing unnecessary damage today. This challenge is not a death sentence, so don’t drink alcohol, eat sugar, eat fat, or lay around as if you will never get to do these things again. Think of what’s ahead as exciting and awesome rather than as a restrictive regimen and you won’t feel like you have to get crazy this weekend having all your fun while you can. My goal is to make this challenge fun and rewarding for us ’cause otherwise, what’s the point? 🙂

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Boomtastic Prep!

Happy Day-After-Christmas, Party People!!!! We are officially in our BOOMTASTIC 2013 Challenge Prep!

In order to reach our goals and get to where we wanna go, we gotta first know where we’re at! Before any challenge like this one, it’s always good to take an honest assessment of what our baseline/starting point is. This way, we can get measure our progress along the way, which will help us to stay motivated and focused!

Don’t worry about where your starting point is! This is your personal journey and wherever you are is exactly where you are meant to me. And guess what – one of the biggest secrets of creating your dream body and life is LOVING WHERE YOU and WHO YOU ARE TODAY! Not tomorrow, not when you reach your goals, but RIGHT NOW.

Loving yourself today (and all your perceived shortcomings which aren’t really shortcomings at all, but part of your awesome journey) will give you the energy and inspiration to make the shifts in your life that will help you reach your goals. Not only that, but you’ll be making changes out of LOVE for your body, not frustration or anger towards it, which will prevent you from over-training/starving/abusing/sabotaging your body.

Ready? Let’s do this!


  • Weigh yourself and write down the number on your calendar or take a photo of the scale with your phone for a digital record of it!
  • Measure your body fat with a scale or a hand-held monitor and/or take your measurements with a measuring tape
  • Take your before photo
  • Take a few moments to write down HOW YOU FEEL. Just free write for a few moments about how your body feels and how you would like to feel. How is your sleep? Your energy level? Your diet? What health issues are you dealing with? What are your health blocks or challenges? Get an emotional/mental/physical/spiritual snap shot of where you are at then date it and keep it in a file with your measurements!
  • Sign up for a food tracker like Fitness Pal or get a journal to log your meals and workouts…I also wrote a post a while back about this and some other fitness apps

In my Bootcamp classes this morning, we also did a fitness test to gauge our fitness level – we wrote down how many reps we could do in 3 minutes of each of the following exercises – pull-ups, squat jumps, sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, and burpees…it was brutal, but awesome! Give it a try or better yet, come and join us at Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp!

One last thought…as we are thinking about our goals and where we want to go, promise yourself that you will be easy on yourself along the way. This challenge is about growth, awareness, and FUN, not about perfection, deprivation, or pain. We’ve heard it a gazillion times – “Health is a journey, not a destination” – and it’s because it’s the truth! Don’t buy into the fantasy that once you have reached your health and fitness goals that everything will be perfect. That kind of mindset makes us feel like we’re chasing a dream instead of living one! Learn to LOVE THE RIDE, bumps and all, and you’ll get so much more out of this challenge and out of each and every moment of your precious life!

Yay! I’m so excited and YOU ARE SO AWESOME for loving yourself enough to taking on this challenge! Here’s to getting even MORE AWESOME together! Let’s do this! Boom!


Buh-bye Holidays! Time to get back on track!

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